Yoga bags; handmade with care

I was looking for a handy yoga bag a few years ago and came across this lovely pattern that allowed me to use up leftover fabrics to create interesting new combinations. The bags have handy shoulder straps that also hold a yoga mat and plenty of room inside for a towel and yoga pants. It’s also easy to carry on the bike (not an unimportant feature here in the Netherlands..)

Something unique and interesting

With yoga being so popular I was surprised to find that there isn’t much choice if you are looking for something unique and interesting to carry your yoga things. I am working on creating a large collection of bags made from repurposed jeans and other fabrics, left over leather and also cork fabric.

Yoga bags: a contribution to the need for sustainable products

The bags are all handmade with care in my studio in Rotterdam and made to last. This way I hope to contribute to the need for sustainable products made from repurposed materials and reducing waste by keeping and reusing all leftover fabrics.